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be excellent to each other
Loke E. Coyote's
Psychedelogical Profile
party on dudes!

Do you experience rapid mood swings? Like getting instantly depressed when you realize it's Monday morning? Do people look at you funny? Do you look at funny people? Do you have sexual fantasies involving Pagan musicians who build web pages? What's your phone number?

Perhaps you suspect you're crazy. Other people may tell you you're insane. Maybe you want to know what Loke E. thinks so you might ask "Hey Loke E., what's your analysis?" to which we would reply "Piss tests, but that's not important now."

Loke E. is no psychiatrist, psychotherapist or guidance councillor, but if you need to get your head examined, we'll be glad to have a look.

Hmmm... Looks like you may have fleas. Oh wait, never mind. I was looking at my dog. Why don't you go ahead and fill out this form while I go give him a bath. Remember: there are no right or wrong answers. Just right or wrong people. Just kidding. Ha Ha. No really.

The letters BB stand for:
The letters VH stand for:
I worShip:
What do you see in this ink blot?
You're in a room with a cobra, a tiger and a lawyer. Your gun has only two bullets. What do you do?
What visitor number are you? (we told you there'd be a quiz on this stuff)
We'll be adding more questions soon so that we may make a much more accurate evaluation of your mental and emotional state. Please stay tuned.

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