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Press Release: 2/12/1999

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2/13/1999 - Loke E. Coyote Unplugged at Austin Pagan Night Out

Loke E. Coyote, the Goddessfathers of Wiccabilly, will be playing an unplugged set at Austin Pagan Night Out tommorrow 2/13 at 8 Pagan Standard. That's at the Dog & Duck pub at 17th & Guadaloupe in case you don't already know. It's gonna be lots of fun! We'll be jammin out on cello, washboards, mandolin, guitar, harmonica and djembe, playing some new tunes like Pagan Zydeco and Bob Marleycorn Must Die along with all your old favorites like Wiccabilly Boogie and Move Over Jehova. Check our website at wiccabilly.com and just look at these reviews:

"If Frank Zappa and Weird Al Yankovic had a kid who grew up to be a Pagan rock and roll band, that would be us. Except we really don't need Dweezle Zappa for a brother and we don't wear loud Hawaiian shirts."
- Trickster

"The more ridiculous it looks, the more important it probably is."
- the Reverend J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

"A complex and subtle blend of instruments with a dry sense of humor and a scrumptious aftertaste. Goes great with rituals and celebrations."
- Y. N'Bottle

"We're not allowed to have bands here because once the neighbors complained about the bagpipes, but if you don't get too loud I can turn a deaf ear."
- the Bartender

hey all you Wiccans and you Druids
who like to drink fermented fluids
it's time to hit the old terrazo
and do the Pagan Zydeco

Blessed Be there or B-movie!

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