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Loke E.'s Guest Book

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Loke E.Coyote,i see you as being a passage way between life and death,good and evil.You are a master of minds,and a haunter of my darkest dreams,thus I love your work and hope to one-day see you perform live,may it be in this life-time or another.

Rainy Daze, Chester/England
Sun Jul 25 05:56:45 1999

Loke E.Coyote
I think that you are a master of words.I loved your poem on Gunja Goarge,and hope to see more poems of yours soon

poison Ivy, Chester-England
Sun Jul 25 05:38:07 1999

e-mail me on updates!

angela thompson, tulsa,oklahoma
Sat Jul 17 12:16:10 1999

Hope you have an amazing summer tour!!! See you at Aug. PNO for the CD Release Party. Mucho hugs, kisses, blessings to you!

Wed Jul 14 17:17:21 1999

Trickster, YOU Rock!!! B. al Zeebubb has gone back to his little closet in Hell # 777
(and he will NOT be allowed out again this century!!!)
What can i say? I'm a cranky old rocknroll granpa bitch zen monkey!
Fuck me [ooooooo, pppllleeez!!!]
It's not about the
[get away... get a good job with fool pay an yer o-o-okay, etc, etc]
'it am 'bout da percentages',
[nonoNO!!!, back in that closet, B. al Z!]
Buy the CD, get some of this ribald NRG, take it away from me, if I had my way (QED)
We'd All Be FREE!
[Hey, kids, maybe next century!!!]
ILoveYou, Trick!
ILoveYou, Diana!
Goodnight, Johnboy!!!
Get thee behind me, you three piece suit cigar smokin 8-ball devils...
It's the MUSIC, stupid!!! Buy One Now!!!

[Love you more-2-3-4...]

The Blushing and Now Remarkably Humbled and Recondite JC [...for any SOUND reason], {UpToMyAssInCats,TX!!!!!!! ;-} (Woof Woof Woof Arroooooo Ruff)
Tue Jul 6 02:35:26 1999

JC's got a point - He did the actual live mix to tape while I did the after-the-fact studio mixing. I just spent so much time doing the studio stuff I forgot what he did was mixing and not just recording. JC is the King of Sound which is why we grovelled for 2 months to get his help. You don't want to know how we would have sounded without him. We don't either. JC ROCKS!!

Trickster, at Diana's place in Maryland (Wiccabilly Circus)
Mon Jul 5 11:11:18 1999

TRICK... dis heah be B. al Zeebubb an' I be da lawyah for de afo menshond JC4asr.
It is my un- prepossessing doodee to infoam y'all to
STOP presentin' someone esses woik as yo own... an' I quotes:
'ALL the Mixing ... were done inhouse by Trickster...'
UNTRUE, oh Lucifer breath... JC did the mixing [he o de Sixth Street Austin hell known as the former white rabie-sit, now merc'ry ...and since rescued from patent leather obscurantism by the Lovely and Talented Velvet Hammer] direct and LIVE to two-track stereo; what you did am called sequencing
[ as in puttin da trax in order... order... ORDER
order in da house : I'll take two caans o anythin but Shinah - yuk - ].
PLEASE fix page #:
to accurately reflexify dis...
As amusingly y'alls as I cans be undah da cirumstanshalls.
B al Zeebubb, attorney-at-lawless fo de afomention:
JC [...for any SOUND reason]

JC [...for any SOUND reason], HELL # 3.1416273849501627384950617... (silence)
Sat Jul 3 02:29:17 1999

what fun!!!!! Thanks

Deanna, Oklahoma City, Ok
Fri Jul 2 23:29:13 1999

See you at CMA fall gathering Tx
Rhythms Of Spring Was way Cool
David \l//l\

David Ben Ruben, Mathis Tx 78368 (budget homes.com)
Fri Jul 2 01:26:28 1999

I heard W.P.B.N. and you guys made me laugh I wish there more Raper..that where wiccan and sound like you guys.

CatsEye, West Bloomfield, MI (Bliss Of The Goddess)
Sat Jun 19 21:39:17 1999

Heard you all on WPBN. I really enjoyed what I heard.
Do you think you'll ever play in East Tennessee?
Blessed Be

Evie Slagle, Sevierville, TN (Friends Forever)
Fri Jun 18 14:33:58 1999

I witnessed all y'all at Heartland Pagan Festival and was quite pleased

Mary Ellen Paulus, Everywhere
Thu Jun 17 22:24:30 1999

Merry Meet Again!
Trickster, I just wanted to say that I hope we get to do more gigs together in the future, I (all of the band) loved your show, and your company. You are great. Goddess Bless Sun Woven Dreams The Band

Sun, on the road (Woven Dreams)
Sun Jun 13 02:18:24 1999

Yous guys are cool!!! Saw y'all at Heartland and
had a great time listenin to you jam. Thanks for
Bob Dobbs man! :-)

Talonwraeth, Topeka, Ks (Dragon's Orbs)
Sat Jun 5 05:26:47 1999

A friend of mine baught one of your cd while you were at a Kansascity gathering. I thought it was very good

Rev. Tim Myers, Dayton, Oh (The Wicca Info Page)
Fri Jun 4 22:59:08 1999

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