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Sorry guys, but we're a university. No really good information.
(Too many of our students try to break us althought this is probably
second nature for most post-secondary students)

Frank, Vancouver, Canada (noooo...)
Tue Oct 5 21:25:10 1999

I love the name!!!! And the music defies description....well I'd describe it as fun and really really good!!!!

Airen MoonWolf, Missouri
Tue Oct 5 17:43:04 1999

Hi Trickster.....xoxoxoxoxo

Heidi Morrow, Copperas Cove TX
Thu Sep 30 14:25:30 1999

Hey Basil - Maybe you should hang on to your gonads and come see us at Panthea Con in San Francisco this February!

Trickster, Chicago (today) (Wiccabilly Circus)
Mon Sep 27 14:06:29 1999

I'd sell a gonad to see you guys in concert out here in Northern California. Heard about you on the Witches' Voice, loved the lyrics about the Labor Day March Against Wickedness. Now, if only you would make it out here!


Basil Greensong, California
Sun Sep 26 02:23:43 1999

I am a pagan Witch,although not wiccan,I totally enjoyed your site.I am also a songwriter and guitarist.How can I join the Loki cult??? Keep jammin'!! Sabbatha GraveDncr7

Sabbatha Cody, Tennessee (none yet)
Mon Sep 13 02:36:59 1999

I've 'admired' you from afar at the local PNOs and
Velvet Hammer concerts...but I never guessed how
intelligent you are! Cool website with interest-
ing and entertaining stuff.

FyreCat, Austin
Thu Sep 9 21:11:08 1999

Now who can argue with that? But the last line should read:
Praise Bob

Trickster, here (Wiccabilly Circus)
Mon Sep 6 21:57:08 1999

i am here to state my anger towards societies useless industries. i call these industries the bull shit industries. they include the music and entertianment industries. I find that aas humans, we should be able to look up to celebrities who are intelagent and articulate. But , the way it actually works is that the most atractive poeple become the most wealthy (in most cases). This bull shit even though it will always occur should tell us that the human race might has well live in caves looking for the most attractive mate. HUMANS LICK SACK!!

chuck sudhoff, kamloops (fuck industry)
Sat Sep 4 14:51:50 1999

HEY! Where 'da Hell are ya'?! You fell off 'da bike somewhere between Jersey and Boise.
SINCE you are obviously still alive, I expect you to resume your position on the bike.
Pickin' up chicks is so much easier when you've already got a bitch on the back. If
You haven't fingered it out, yet, this IS your supposed girlfriend, the Lesbian Biker!
(listen to the song, folks, if you haven't a clue) And just WHO is this Diana chick with
whom your making music? Is she cute and does she share? That's all I wanna know. Oh, wait,
here's a picture. Oh, yeah! I'm comin' over, so you'd best have the beer cold.
(I'd bring it, but the ice sloshes around too much in my saddlebag...oooh...bad on the leather!)

The kindest Bitch you'll ever meet!, I better be in your every waking thought.
Fri Sep 3 18:04:01 1999


Faeldon's Wand, in the buckle of the *shudder* Bible Belt
Wed Aug 25 13:45:08 1999

Hi, there! My name (as given above) is, of course, my magickal name; from the Welsh, it means Singing Wolf. (And yet, I'm Scots-Irish by descent...odd, that Welsh thing.) Don't be too surprised if you soon receive an order from me all of the CDs--thanks to Witches' Voice, I have finally found a way to get hold of all the Pagan music I could want that just never seemed possible before, no matter where I was! And when I'm interested in something, I dive in headfirst (gotta watch those rocks just below the surface) and stay interested for as long as possible. And after seeing the lyrics to a few of your songs and heartily laughing my ass off, I have no doubt that I'll dig y'all! Cheers...

William Canu Blaidd, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Tue Aug 24 14:50:46 1999

A big hello and pagan hug to Trickster and Diana
from the Massage guy. Getting ready to kick back, put on
your CD and listen to your tunes and rant.

Life is strange but interesting.

Coinneach the seannachie

Coinneach the mad Scotsman , VA now, Tampa when I'm home (TheAwenTree.com)
Mon Aug 16 18:08:08 1999

Great page dude! I love the wallpaper!!!

Sun Dragon, Austin, where else? (Ghost Dance)
Wed Aug 4 14:57:40 1999

Heard you on WPBN. Great!

k'linth, Fairfield, OH
Mon Aug 2 09:45:31 1999

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