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Thu Jun 1 00:18:55 2000

After reading the lyrics to psycho-bitch....I tryed to figure out when and where Wwe met Thanks for the song....cool site....truce.....

Blue MoonFire, in a world of MY own! (Pending non-existant)
Sat May 20 20:35:39 2000

Cool site....wana play for Panther and I's handfasting?
keep up the great work!!!!! truce...

Shapan, Bradford Pa (Shapan's Penthouse)
Sat May 20 20:32:25 2000

I love the songs....this is a cool web site.....

Panther, Bradford Pa (Panther's Playground)
Sat May 20 20:28:52 2000

I just got tired of seeing that 'schoolofass' posting at the top of the page.

Oh, hey! Wildflower and I are married now!!


Trickster, at the circus (Wiccabilly Circus)
Sat May 6 08:45:15 2000


EDITOR DINK, Boston (The School of Ass Newsletter and Monthly Review)
Sun Apr 9 01:10:36 2000

I'm at work and I'm bored. Cool site.

Flying forth from the bellybutton of justice,
Lint Boy

Lint Boy a.k.a. Sparkplug, here
Wed Mar 1 17:14:12 2000

Hey Trickster...just cruisin' the web and decided to
look u up! Great site!

Rhiannon/Laurel, Austin
Wed Feb 23 15:11:15 2000

Yo bro! Checkin out web site and I liked it (not that that matters!) Liked the fable, it reminded me of the true source of all religion: Control of the masses with a single vision to keep the believing that there is something better in the next life since the don't have shit in this one. Follow me and be saved (have beauty).

Call me someday!! ps The Son Nor is a mental wizard. A stir off the old trick!!!!!

mike, In a state of mind far far away (Don't do the web si`te Thang)
Mon Jan 31 12:45:33 2000

I heard your a one of the cd'. I know someone that you guy know about share that you the name she go by 'luinel'.And Dragon's Rainbow is the name of our store. I like you to vist our store someday if you all can. That person I talk about she part of store now to. You all have a very cool website. I will write to soon good bye for now.

Steve, Kentucky
Wed Jan 26 17:07:12 2000

Hey Captain Beat Heart, Frank Zappa is one of my heros! His music and words were the greatest! But his kids have stupid names and he's too dead to jam. Loke E. Coyote is simply on a nearby path where absurdity is profound and the ridiculous is holy. Praise Bob and pass a cuppa coffee!

Trickster, the Circus (Wiccabilly Circus)
Mon Jan 24 09:53:51 2000

First of all,you spelled DWEEZIL wrong.Believe me,Sir Frank Zappa would never have laid sperm to your thing.You're not talented enough. You're not even worthy of being called 'Magdalene'!

Captain Beat-Heart, Jersey (na)
Sun Jan 23 00:05:00 2000

We wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for the time, talent, magick, humor, and love you shared at the CMA Land Benefit Concert. CMA now has more than enough money to cover the down payment & closing costs for our new land! The dream is now a reality! Magick DOES happen!

At the first gathering on CMA's new land......big party at our camp - be there (please)!

Brightest Blessings,
Kimberly Blackwell & Doc Grauzer

Kimberly, Austin, TX
Mon Jan 17 23:01:55 2000

what a great site! I can only hope y'all get back to Starwood XX, cause I want to hear and see you guys rock my other home....


Morgan DragonStar, ohio
Tue Dec 28 05:43:44 1999

Cool website!

arail, Kansas
Sat Dec 18 02:03:46 1999

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