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Hey Loki! I'm gonna kick your ass for making me wear this dress!

the Mighty Thor
Wed Mar 28 09:45:12 2001

Sorry about my spelling.
I meant 'Loke Groupie'
Too many cocktails.......

Martini Susan, Loft of Love
Mon Feb 5 13:33:21 2001

Thought I would finally sign this thing, being such a big Loki Groupie and all.
I will always have a cold drink waiting for you!
Come visit us in Dallas.

Martini Susan, The Loft of Love , Dallas Texas
Mon Feb 5 12:02:44 2001

I like the fable.

Jessica, Worcester, Massachusetts - USA (~*Ameth's Realm*~)
Sun Jan 14 20:19:24 2001

:) there that says it all but incase we don't speak the same language I really like you guys. I think the two songs I have from you are helariously funny and that you're band is properly named I also found Trikster's fable about beauty to be deeply touching and at the same time a serous knee slapper and laugh riot so in one word :)

Samantha Erickson, Virginia
Thu Jan 4 17:56:23 2001

Love the music! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing you play sometime. Having a great time making my friends look all over the state to find one of your Cd's for my Yule Present!
Blessed Be!

Kaylara, At my Computer ( In NJ) (East Coast Chapter of the Young Pagans Network)
Mon Dec 11 21:25:25 2000

my compliments on your site . i found it very entertaining . may the new year bring you much happiness . peace .

The Ancient One, canada (The Ancient One)
Sat Dec 9 07:54:27 2000

YA GOTTA LOVE IT. Can't wait to see you here again... or who knows!!! Maybe I'll see ya in Texas! Or Gaia! Or in the Otherworlds! I think this is the start of a fabulous relationship. Love You!!! Beltana of Wolvenwold

Bernadette Gabrielle Hanks a.k.a. Beltana, At Wolvenwold, of course. (Wolvenwold!)
Tue Aug 15 18:32:21 2000

It is.

Trickster, Austin (Wiccabilly Circus)
Fri Aug 11 09:17:23 2000

hey dudes, love the site, the psych. profile is a riot, and i love the songs, hope austin is more fun than oklahoma.

Mariah, the fuckin buckle of the bible belt, okc,ok
Fri Aug 11 09:10:20 2000

Hey Trickster...I like your music and I look forward to hearing you guys play at Sirius Rising. Hope we get a chance to meet. Bright Blessings and Have fun at Sirius!!

Keira, Akron
Sun Jul 9 19:15:22 2000

Hey Tricky,
It was great to meet you at Festival 2000. Sorry we bailed early. Your music is a roit & I had a blast waking up to 'Witch Wars'. See ya soon

Duckee, St Louis
Sat Jun 24 15:46:56 2000

Hey Trickster,
Just popped in to check out the page. Rock on and DONT FORGET I'll be in Austin soon!

Tobi Sparks, Tyler
Tue Jun 20 23:40:06 2000

You are a god incarnate. Loved the show at Wolvenwold.
I do believe you have warped my fragile lil mind forever.
Pepe sends his regards =0~

Crow, St. Louis
Tue Jun 20 15:11:42 2000

Hey This site is the best pagan music site I've been in yet I'm really glad for you guys you kick ass I love you Trickster bye
Blessed be

Jennifer, Naugatuck (I don't have one)
Sun Jun 4 19:11:37 2000

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