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Thanks for the swap, Trickster! I especially enjoyed 'Witch Wars.'

Fare well wherever you fare,


Cedric, Austin (Bedlam Bards!)
Mon Apr 1 10:15:41 2002

Hey I just wanted to say hi and by the way, what other kind of crap do you want to etch permanently in the bridge.......
LOL, anyway dude, party on

John, fuckin guess (again I say fuckin guess)
Sat Mar 23 04:21:11 2002

good work for music and hi to all music-lovers around the world from www.race.at

georg, Austria / Europe (Race.at - where the Music lives)
Thu Jan 17 15:57:32 2002

Hey Trickster- have you or Joe(SONA) written any songs about the f-job being perpetrated on Gaea yet? Let me know when you release another cd- I'll have mead soon so come visit,I think I can even get you a low-paying booking.Besides BOB and the spirit of COUNTRY DICK MONTANA told me to!

Greenstag,maker of mead and bad jokes, 4 blocks from the grocery store ( doesn't have one yet)
Tue Jan 15 17:07:43 2002

Really enjoyed the fable. I'll be taking it to our next Womyn's Circle. Just went to San Antonio for my son's Air Force BMT graduation and found that Austin's not that far from where I live. Might try to see you when you play there.

Freyja, Baptist Town in Oklahoma
Fri Dec 14 19:37:01 2001

very very cool. love the lyrics page. thanks for a good laugh

blessed be


durin, Colchester, Essex UK
Wed Nov 14 06:35:21 2001


Wallace - author, Texas (New Falcon)
Mon Oct 29 20:12:40 2001


Al, sitting in front of my computer in my den in my house in rural Indidna, smoking a joint. (SMOKRS LOUNGE)
Sun Oct 21 02:46:42 2001

You guys should come out to mass somtime. The berkshires even, it's relaxing. And we could use the music.

B.B.,L&L, l8er

Alex, Mass. (Alexs fourth web page)
Tue Oct 16 11:24:35 2001

As a trans-planted Texan in the wilds of Alaska, you're a real breath of hot, dry and dusty air.
Just joking, I was raised in the hill country. And y'all really make me homesick!! I just love all
the music I have of yours, what a kick in the ass. I don't see you playing any gigs up here in the
Last Frontier! Wassup?? Your site's great, and y'all rock.

Starchaser, ALASKA (SafeHaven)
Sat Sep 22 22:18:45 2001

You rock, one of these days you're gonna be a hero... just like me :)

G.I. John, where are any of us really?
Sun Aug 26 19:24:07 2001

you are the pimpenest homey in the world

shwagy, A crazy pagan friend of tricksters (NA)
Sat Aug 25 10:27:48 2001

Whats up bro???? I hear you are in the Woven Dreams bus. I talked to Lynda the other day. Sounds cool!!!! I am at Starwinds house in Atlanta on my way to Florida. I hope all is well:^) Please keep in touch. BLESSED BE NIGHTHAWK PS>>> Your web site is awsome. Thanks for putting your energy in the right place for all of us. LOVE AND LIGHT

NIGHTHAWK, well I live in an RV and right now I am in Atlanta at Starwinds (peopleoftheraft.com)
Sun Aug 5 17:48:31 2001


uzzzzzzzz, eee (e)
Thu Jun 21 05:34:24 2001

THANK YOU TRICKSTER!!!! I had *SO* much fun at MeGaPeGaTeXaPaLooZa last nite!! Loke jammed (of course), SONA rocked...and of course, SPOONFED TRIBE!!! HELL YEAH! They were GREAT! Anytime you can get them to jam, I am THERE...preferably without clothes on...LMAO

Love ya dude, thanks BUNCHES!

Scarlett (the body shot queen!)
'Its good to be me!'

Scarlett, HOUSTON!!
Mon Apr 23 12:01:47 2001

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