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Loke E.'s Guest Book

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Hi Loke E. I really enjoyed your website and how you presented it graphically. I am a sports fanatic and my website I just started is a sports guest book.
Take care,
Steve B.

Steve B, Calgary, Canada (Sports Guest Book)
Sun Dec 19 09:43:59 2004

I am calling on all Pagans to join me in an urgent spell to take back our country! The single word required to enact this spell is 'reveal!' More details at http://reveal.awcreations.com
Take and use this image on your web pages, send it to your friends, we only have 6 days left!

Conjurewoman (REVEAL!)
Thu Oct 28 09:08:54 2004


ekpo, usa
Tue Jun 22 16:04:02 2004

You guys rock the house!! The 'Party On Jesus' video is absolutely hysterical. The world needs more Tricksters like you! Keep up the howling good work!! With love and blessings from your new bellydancing Witch pal in the Land of Ports! Blessed be and party on!

Marisa, Portland, OR (Radio Bastet - Vintage Belly Dance Music)
Sun May 2 21:15:03 2004

Usually I delete the guestbook entries left by Bible Thumpers, but I kind of like this one. I do have to point out that the 'ribbon campaigns' didn't start to honor soldiers. They came from that stupid song about a guy getting out of jail who wanted to know if his girl still wanted him. Personally, I think they have been propogated by the Big Ribbon companies. Oh, and Ricky, I wouldn't mess with Kali Ma if I were you.

Trickster, at the Circus (Wiccabilly Circus)
Sun Feb 15 14:31:52 2004

here is a purple ribbon project that was started in the heavens that is becoming highly commendable. Light poles, trees and churches are being decorated with these purple ribbons. The purple ribbons represent the glorious return of Jesus Christ. The second advent of Christ will be the most wonderful event the world has ever experienced. The purple ribbons represent Jesus return in the sky and not on land.

There is a spiritual wickedness that lies in the spiritual world that must be defeated. Here is a link to more than 900 names of demons that must be defeated: http://www.geocities.com/paul49200/demons.html. This spiritual wickedness is responsible for much of the evil that abides in our world, such as the destruction of the Twin Towers, resulting in thousands of innocent people being murdered. The evil is so intense and devastating, causing as much harm as possible. Be aware that our world will end in nuclear wars if these these demons are not defeated. Below, I have included knowledge of the wicked Pagan/Wiccan Goddesses that must be defeated.

Kali Ma is the ever becoming, ever destroying force of Life. She is both unimaginable horror and abundant bliss. She is seen in the deadly dance of antelope and lion. Labyris is a Sacred Goddess Symbol. Labyrs, Sagarus, Halbryce, and Labyris are all names for this symbol of Goddess power and authority. There is a Sacred Crystal dedicated to the Goddess of the Brazilian Sea. The Moon of Yemaya is named 'a lua de Ijemanja' in honor of the Goddess and the Brazilian land. Ephesus was the greatest Temple City in Asia Minor. It was dedicated to the Goddess Artemis. The Knot of Inanna is sacred to the Goddess. Astarte is also known as Astarat and Astoreth. The Bull and the Dove are especially sacred to Astarte and Astoreth. The Goddess is often pictured wearing horns. The Egg is a sacred symbol of Astarte, representing fecundity, new life and the powers of the Goddess. The Pomegranate, the 'fruit bearing eggs' is an important part of Her sacred rites. Pomegranite is also central to the rites of Kore-Persephone, as well as other Goddesses. Goddess Brigid's Cross is a woven wheel of the year that marks the cycles of Nature and is sacred to the Goddess. This piece is a good example of how the Celts found ways of keeping the Pagan beliefs of their ancestors alive, despite their forced conversion to Christianity.

Please note that a similar purple ribbon campaign was started in Desert Storm which regard our American soldiers for their safety and safe return home. Purple ribbons are becoming highly commendable today and it would be great to implement both the Return of Christ and our American soldiers with the purple ribbon campaign!

Sun Feb 15 06:14:48 2004

Some may know me as Brian, some may know me as Mitty, but for those who took the bus to dragonfest, I will be forever known as ASSHOPPER! Trickster, I miss you man, and I hope all is well for you. Hope to see you soon.

Brian, Texas
Fri Dec 19 02:57:21 2003

You guys are the funniest, I called my ISP to ask about aroma files and they just laughed. They do exist... right? Right?

Nanette, Auckland, New Zealand
Mon Aug 18 00:24:17 2003

hi great website! hello ollie, lu lu and all of the girlie galz! and all of 7s soon 2 be 8s!

jessica glasspool, england
Sat Aug 2 17:12:13 2003

Hi dad.

Norrin, Jersey (none)
Thu Jul 17 16:33:02 2003


Wed Jun 18 12:51:22 2003

K.Loke holla back wit them fine ass hippz
yeea!!!! baby girl hope you win that shit
holla!!!! J4th

jefourth, shreve louisiana (HOLLA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Mon May 5 16:36:05 2003

studabaker hawk! studabaker hawk! yeah yeah! studabaker hawk - stu DA bak er hawk stdabkr hawk!

Studabaker Hawk, in a phone booth with the flys (Jeep - Bug Out Page)
Sat Apr 26 00:35:11 2003

Cheers 'n' beers, Tricksta! Writing you from this lovely snowy realm known as Oneonta, the South Park of upstate New York...hoping to eventually meet up w/ you & get better versed in the raisin' o' the wrist (Socrates himself is particularly missed, a lovely little thinker but a bugger when he's pissed!) somewhere out on the road of Pagan music festivals--helping to plant the seeds of my fiancee's career and our proposed Pagan record company...may the road rise to meet you!

Gwydion Canu Bleidd, Oneonta, New York
Fri Nov 22 17:35:18 2002

happy hello n howdy, trickster

may your bowl be perpetually packed
may your beer be perpetually micro
and may you always know what rhymes with moon

-odd mandolinist

JOE, Wolvenwold, (So. Central Missouri) (sona's crack shack)
Sat Nov 9 12:03:41 2002

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