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Read my mail, dude!

Jim Jacob , in bed. Where are you? (Hey, let's not get personal!)
Thu Dec 10 18:36:19 1998

I like your web site, I know that you still have alot to do with it, but keep on doin it. Good Luck with your web site and your group. Thanks for having me as a guest.

Sonny D. Sterling, Jr, Austin
Tue Dec 8 20:43:56 1998

Hey there Trickster,cool coyote :) Love it and thanks for the linksbest of luck to you,dear one! Ya gonna be a big rock star someday!Blessed Be,gwenhwyfach

Gwenhwyfach, Austin (Butterfly Tree)
Tue Dec 8 16:08:08 1998

Hey Loke E. Coyote,Is that an ACME guitar, your're playin. HHmmnnn. Yur site's lookin bueno, Loke boy.Tell everyone I said hi. Busy with school so I didn't make Betwixt and Between.BB & Beep BeepJoan

Joan E. Dragon, Here
Sun Dec 6 14:45:42 1998

I like this concept...if you don't mind, I'dlike to link to this page - a pagan musicianslisting might be a good idea. ;)

Oh crud, dropped the nametag., uh..that was on the tag? (Madam Trillian's Pagan Resource Center)
Fri Dec 4 15:12:56 1998

Well, somebody had to sign first!

Trickster, at the Circus (Wiccabilly Circus)
Fri Dec 4 10:44:43 1998

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