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You are seriosly wiered and are really in need of some kind of mental help. The band sounds good though and I hope to hear from you soon, maybe when you are famous!

Thea, Somewhere (You what?)
Wed Mar 10 01:45:03 1999

Hello! I think that you are even stranger than my best friend The Lyons, which is obviously very strange! Bye Bye now!

Rebecca Rogers, Hitchin Girl's School (?????????)
Wed Mar 10 01:42:51 1999

Hi, Paul took me cruising on the Web. Cool site! Look forward to seeing some more creative crooning from you soon. Say hi to Diana!

Guess who from NJ?, Same place I've always been
Sat Mar 6 19:04:18 1999

Great site man! I met you at B&B a few weeks ago, I'll see you at B&B next time you are at B&B or at ROFS LOVE YA,Rick

Rick Hawk, Dallas Tx (none)
Fri Feb 26 08:48:15 1999

R U from Austin??? If so, YEEEAAAHHH!!!! HOME!!!!

Night, Dallas, TX (The )
Mon Feb 15 21:53:21 1999

Gettin Lost in the Ozone....love de Zydeco...

The Ozone Ranger, Central Jersey
Thu Feb 4 19:47:52 1999

Hi Trickster from a fellow PUNYite. I visited your website . . . now you come visit mine. Wiccabilly, huh? You go, guy! Best of luck.Cyn

Cynthia MacGregor, Lantana FL (duhh--no clever name!)
Thu Feb 4 15:38:50 1999

Hey Patman! Kick ass website, of course.Keep jamming with your 'Lesbian Biker Girlfriend.'

Kit O'Connell, Austin, where else? (Vulpine Design)
Thu Jan 14 08:04:43 1999

Randy Joe Duke, Indpls.IN.
Wed Jan 13 01:05:42 1999

Actually WWWW, it's 'Loki', not 'low key', but either will do.

Trickster, at the Circus (Wiccabilly Circus)
Fri Jan 8 15:37:50 1999

I LOVE my bio!You'll worry me most greviously if you haven't guessed who this is yet...

Lady Bowregard, With You Soon (Uh,....)
Fri Jan 8 11:01:05 1999

Oooh, Low Key Coyote...if I weren't nine months pregnant, I'd hitch the broom up and fly on over to entertain your trickster shenanagins once again.I'll call you...

the wicked witch of the wild east, behind the pine curtain
Mon Dec 21 12:36:28 1998

you new this did't you !should'nt that be Loki?love the sight... the in sight the insite...The psy test... TUBEular

Haight Ashbury, utopia with a small u (Mystic Arts)
Fri Dec 18 21:05:48 1998

MM, Loke E!What a great web page! Looking forward to seeing you in 'concert' soon (or at least at another PNO...)!Hugs & Blessings,Shakti

Shakti, Austin
Tue Dec 15 16:25:06 1998

Hey Dude!Still working on the gig for you up here!I should have known, hehe. Glad to see myadvice helped you out, now its my turn this year!B*B & MP JD

J.D. Stevens, Kansas City, Missouri .... Way North Texas! (Falconfire's Nest)
Sun Dec 13 01:17:01 1998

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