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Loke E.'s Guest Book

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You remind me of the younger days when I would sneek an earphone and a radio under my covers late on Sunday nights and listen to Dr. Demento!

Laven, Overland Park, Kansas
Wed Jun 2 12:24:13 1999

You guys are great! Caught tail end of your act at Heartland, got the single, ordered the CD, chatted with Trickster & Diana. Keep up the good work, and the Great Work! BB Jason (aka FireWeaver)

Jason Blodgett-McDeavitt, Lincoln, Nebraska (Order of the Red Grail)
Tue Jun 1 13:56:07 1999

Hey Patrick, if your music rocks like your puns do, you gotta be right on! See you in Austin in Y2K! PUNY rules!

Cynthia MacGregor, Lantana FL, or somewhere in Cyberspace most of the time (Cynthia's home page (real brain-dead, yeah? blame my webmistress!))
Sun May 9 17:21:00 1999

Pleeeze put soundbytez on your page! Findin' a pagan group kickz ass, but I wanna hear ya first! 2 all thoze who said they messed up... KISS MY ASS!

Aislin, Up your ass
Sat May 8 20:33:23 1999

Screw tha Willy Coyote! Get em off your page! It makes you look like a whimp!

Aislin(wiccan name), Up your ass
Sat May 8 20:30:48 1999

Trickster, Diana and friends! Back online again after what seems an aeon. Great site, Pat! Rock on, dude! PEACE and LOVE, JC (for any SOUND reason)

JC (for any SOUND reason), Austin [by way of Neptune] ([silence])
Mon Apr 19 14:39:17 1999

love the coyotes

linda gambrell, mountain rest,sc 29664 (don't have one)
Mon Apr 12 01:41:15 1999

Doc woke me up this A.M. by playing Mischief 101 for me. Can't have a bad day when 'Chant Rant' is playing in your head all day! Keep rockin!

Kimberly, Austin, TX
Thu Apr 1 21:52:28 1999

To clarify: 'Will and the Robot' is more like me, a bunch of soundbytes and a sound mixing program. There was very little actual music being played. It doesn't sound much like Loke E. but it's pretty interesting (to me at least).

Trickster, at the Circus (click here for a sample of Will and the Robot)
Mon Mar 29 19:32:31 1999

I have what maybe the only existing tape of 'Will and the Robot' from Loke's earilerEast Coast incarnation a reel colecters Item.

I. M. back, city in my head (Mystic Arts)
Sat Mar 27 22:16:42 1999

Grate fun sound it all abound lying all around it will pick you and not let you down sing sing sing

Gary, above you on the fool on the hill
Wed Mar 24 18:42:34 1999

First time I went to PNO and got a flyer with your site on it and came to check it out.Bless Be

morgan, austin, tx
Sun Mar 14 17:43:58 1999


Louise , Hitchin Girls School (Me)
Wed Mar 10 02:01:05 1999

Strange web site

ok, School (don't have one)
Wed Mar 10 01:55:09 1999

Hello! I think that you are even stranger than my best friend Thea Lyons, which is obviously very strange! Bye Bye now!

Rebecca Rogers, Hitchin Girl's School (?????????)
Wed Mar 10 01:51:43 1999

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